About us

The Slim Line Club is a community of thousands of members. We offer quality and efficient products for reaching slim and vital figures, and a 90-days challenge for your transformation towards improved and more quality life, for which we have prepared a stimulating reward plan. By sharing our financial results with our members, distributers and associates, we managed to achieve huge expansion of both our resources and results in a rather short time period. The Slim Line Club has changed thousands of lives so far. We are a company dedicated to become a regional and global leader in healthy weight loss.

The Slim Line Club is built on three main pillars:


Creation of quality, safe and efficient products, so as to achieve better health


Creation of products programmes and supports to reach vitality and lasting personal transformation


Sharing of values, stimulating and rewarding for reaching personal and financial independence


The Power of the Slim Line Club

It lies not only in the placement of efficient and quality products, but also in the vast community of the network of members, which create and share successful stories of transformation, stimulate and support others to reach their objectives, thus realising our mission of jointly creating better life, health, and wellbeing in worldwide terms.



With the branch offices in all neighbouring countries and the successful completion of all work challenges, we manage to realise our mission which is: through creation and placement of efficient and quality nutritious products as the base factor and creation of network of members as mobilizing factor, as a community, we are dedicated to work both locally and globally so as to secure the real solution for obesity.


Network Marketing Plan

Our plan was created so as to attract the best members and associates to whom we will offer the best commissions.

As a reward for our members and distributors who share their successful stories and benefits from the products, we have created an interesting and profitable reward plan. This reward plan is based on the network marketing system, which enables them not only to create additional monthly profit, but also an opportunity to advance in their careers and a possibility for personal and financial freedom.


Therefore, we are fully engaged to:

·         implement advanced technology, loyalty programme, online software and platforms,

·         develop trainings and seminars so as to attract even more new distributors,

·         Share ideas and techniques, so that every member of the community can be the best they can, achieve better quality of living, for themselves and for their family.