• Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, but do not have the funds for an initial investment?

• Do you need extra income?

• Do you dream of a career in which you will progress quickly and easily?

• Can you imagine your boss to be your best friend?


YES, it's possible only in the Slim Line Club


Slim Line Club offers you a simple and easy way to start your own business without investment. You have a great opportunity to buy quality and efficient products for yourself and your loved ones at a discount. And not only that, but you can also earn extra revenue from your purchases made by your members on your network. You can progress according to the "Scale of Success", and the amount of your earnings is unlimited.


Become a Member of SLIM LINE CLUB


FIRST STEP: The one who introduced you to the products of Slim Line Club is your Referral. He is already a member of the Slim Line Club and he will register you on his network. If you do not know someone, we can recommend you.

                                                  Fill in the BECOME A MEMBER form.


SECOND STEP: Fill out the application for membership electronically. It is necessary to procure the initial package Start Up 1 or Start Up 2 and gain membership level at Slim Line Club. If you get the advanced package Fast Start Up, you climb up to the next higher level, and you become immediately a Consultant at the Slim Line Club.


THIRD STEP: Carefully read the Cooperation Agreement, the General Terms and Conditions for Membership, the MLM Award Plan and the function of all SLC products.


FOURTH STEP: The Agreement for Cooperation within 30 days signed, submit it to the official Slim Line Club office. Once an authorized person from Slim Line Club signs, then it is considered concluded, and your membership is legally confirmed.


FIFTH STEP: After you receive the first electronic message for Welcome, start with the first order.


SIXT STEP: Attend regular presentations and apply for Career Training to learn how to succeed in this business.


                                                                          BECOME A MEMBER 

The Team of Slim Line Club wishes you GOOD LUCK !!!

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