SLC PureSkin Compact Toner

  • SLC PureSkin Compact Toner
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SLC PureSkin Compact Toner Refreshing and moisturizing skin toner

Ideal for completion of your full blackheads treatment, and used after using the SLC PureSkin Mask. After removing the blackheads mask on the nose or other face parts, it is time to close the pores, so as to make the skin smooth and clean. Closing of the pores shall reduce the risk from development of new blackheads. At the same time, closing of the pores shall reduce the possibility for entry of bacteria in the pores, and shall also reduce the acne problem risk.

Regular use of SLC PureSkin Compact Toner shall gradually reduce the pores, thus reducing the possibility for development of bacteria and grease in them. Pore reduction shall, in turn, reduce the problems with acne and blackheads. SLC PureSkin Compact Toner is absorbed deeply in the pores, cleans the bacteria, regulates moisture and balances the skin PH-level.


Manner of usage:

·         Soak a face sponge with the SLC PureSkin compact toner

·         Carefully go through the problematic face parts, such as the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead, the most common places for occurrence of blackheads and acne.

Important information:

·         For external use only

·         Avoid areas around eyes, lips and eyebrows.

·         In case of contact with these places, rinse with lukewarm water

·         Do not use the mask if your skin is irritable, if you have skin injuries or sunburns

·         In case of persisting irritation, consult your physician


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