Slim Line 36 capsules

  • Slim Line 36 capsules
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We have created these magic capsules to you help you permanently deal with the extra weight problem!

Many of our members have used these “magical capsules”, after having many unsuccessful previous attempts, and finally managed to have slim line and normal body weight.

Many have succeeded to reduce 5, 20 or more than 50 kilograms.

Natural herbal extracts in the Slim Line capsules shall help you reduce your body weight and maintain it within physiological limits. Quick and visible results can be achieved without any exhausting diets and exercises. These capsules are equally efficient for both men and women.



The active ingredients of the natural herbs in these capsules:

• Reduce the appetite – you will feel satiety, and there will be no need to eat more food than required

• Breakdown of fats - accelerate the metabolism and lipolysis, thus releasing more energy

• Increased energy consumption of the body creates higher need for exercises

• Absorption and removal of fat intake through food – clean the digestive system from excess fats

• Targeted weight loss – fatty deposits shall first be eliminated around the abdomen, waist and hips

Detoxication – easy elimination of toxins and excess water from the body


Recommended use:

The recommended daily dosage is one capsule a day, with 350-500 ml of water after low-calorie breakfast. The product is intended for healthy people aged 18 to 65 years. If you have the impression that the effect of capsules is too strong or too weak, please consult your physician or pharmacist.


Period of use: In order to achieve better results, use this product at least three months. Lost weight shall not return. It is recommended to combine this product with our Slim Line tea. After reaching the desired weight, in order to maintain it, you can use any Slim Line product, once or twice a week.



Do not use more than one capsule a day. This product is not intended for children, pregnant and nursing women. Not recommended for patients with diagnosed diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cerebral diseases, survived heart attack or stroke, diagnosed hyperthyroidism, difficult liver and kidney function, enlarged prostate and glaucoma and patients with diagnosed psychosis, consumers of drugs and patients diagnosed with alcoholism. The product is a supplement to the usual diet and cannot replace food. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or have preventive effect on any disease. Responsible use. If you have any doubts, best consult your physician before using the product.


Storage: Store in dark, cold and dry place.

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